You love food so much...

you created a business around it.

But too often, hours are long and margins are tight. Build your business and earn passive income with your own cookbook!

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What’s holding you back?

So many food entrepreneurs talk themselves out of writing their cookbook before they get started. They tell themselves:

  • It’s too hard
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I don’t have time
  • Commercial publishers aren’t interested in small business cookbooks

We give food entrepreneurs a streamlined publishing platform.

It’s everything you need to organize, publish, and make money from your cookbook.

Now you can turn your favorite recipes into revenues.

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Why publish with The Cookbook Creative?

Simple Platform.

If you know how to create a post on social media, you have all the skills you need to create your own cookbook.

Modern Designs.

We make it easy to customize your book using one of our professionally designed templates.

No Comb Bindings.

You won’t find any of the old-fashioned, plastic comb bindings here. Your book will be published as a beautiful hardbound book or paperback.

Marketing Support.

Our marketing experts will ensure you have proven strategies to promote your book.

Access to Amazon.

We offer distribution options that include bookstores and placement on Amazon.

Imagine taking your cookbook project from idea to Amazon.


How many recipes should I include?

The number of recipes in a cookbook varies widely. We recommend at least 20 and no more than 100.

Can I customize the cover design for my book?

Yes, you’ll have the option to upload a photo or logo to customize your cover design..

I’m not a professional writer. Can I do this?

Yes! If you have great recipes to share, you can create a cookbook. If you have stories to tell, you can create a cookbook. Our tutorials and coaching will help you get it done!.

How long will it take?

You can create a cookbook in as little as 30 days! But the average for most authors is about 60 days. We’ll help you set daily targets and a realistic final deadline for your book. The amount of time it takes ultimately depends on the number of recipes you want to include and how many stories you want to share.

What if I decide I’d rather have The Cookbook Creative team create my book for me?

We can do that. Our team includes professional writers and designers who can create your custom book for you. No stress.

If you love sharing your passion for food, this is for you.

Small Business Foodies

From culinary retailers to restaurants, a cookbook can help tell the story of your business, your passion for food, and how you can help home cooks have fun in the kitchen!

Food Artisans and Producers

From honey farms to beef producers, a cookbook can highlight local food traditions and tips and tricks to entertaining with recipes that use your quality ingredients.

Commercial Businesses & Brands

Cookbooks showcase value and build brand awareness among high-end appliance manufacturers, kitchen designers, and custom homebuilders

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If you can upload a photo or create a post on social media, you have all the skills you need to use The Cookbook Creative platform.

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If you get stuck, schedule a coaching call to stay motivated and get the answers you need to keep your project on track.

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After you’ve uploaded and approved your photos, stories, and recipes, it’s time to hit, “Publish!” We’ll send you a designed proof to review before we create your final files.

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Let’s do this!

Start now! You could be holding your finished cookbook in just a few short weeks!

You have great recipes and a story to tell. Imagine how awesome you’ll feel a few months from now when you have a beautiful cookbook to promote your brand!